Ethereal Skyscapes

Original works on Canvas
…flying into spectral realities that open the doors of perception…

Fracturing of Jasper

Lagoon II

Pleidian Voyage

Seas of Tranquility

Flying Through The Heart

Gregarian Skies

When The Sun Rests Upon Your Brow

Winds Of Titales II

Ethereal Landscapes

Original works on Canvas

Desert Mesa

Dolphin’s Run

Resting Place

Original works on Arches Paper

Icarus Again


Walk Between The Worlds

Dawning II

Celestial Visions

Original works on Canvas

…leading us out to the cosmos where primordial forces are constantly at work…




Incarnation of a Friend

When Man Could Fly

Night Of The Comet

Noyac Bay 2am


For Prometheus

Second Son

Fossils Of Mankind

Original works on Canvas with Hydrocal Sculpture

…allowing us all to recover the lost memories of our existence, with renewed meaning…

In Memory Of Atlantis

Dannion’s Journey

Emergence From Andromeda

Hearts Of The Sun

Homage To The Red Man

Spinal Pyre



Original works on Canvas

…which offer understanding of the purpose of our lives…


The Grace of Erin

Hiking Through The Mantle

Jacob’s Portal

Revealing The Myth Of Charon

Whimsical Creation

Original works on Canvas
…with humor lightening the load of introspective work…

The Circus

The Story of Imo

Mama San, Papa San

Lounging With Roz

Wizard’s Surprise