“During my course of work in the 1990’s producing customized Power Masks for individuals , a group of people were introduced to me and requested personalized sessions in order to create their masks. During the process of casting these people’s faces much knowledge was revealed involving time, space and other vibrational or energetic data. At the close of our sessions, after I presented them with their “masks” they explained to me that they were a group that was given special crystals which came to them from colleagues in South America.

These crystals were purportedly taken there and buried during the era of World War II, in order to hide them from the Nazi organization, ‘…lest they access their power’.

They accepted these crystals with the directive to search out the ‘right person’ to bequeath them to, who from their own words was to ‘share their gifts with the world’. They selected me, after weeks of working together creating their power masks.”

Humbled by their choice (and might I say a bit skeptical about the story. At the time, I just thought it would be nice to have some crystals to work with) I accepted these crystals in their natural state. As I began working with them their powers of non local telepathy and telekinesis, amplification of clairaudience and clairvoyance, emotional release and manifestation of a new and challenging energy became obvious as I incorporated them into my grouping of Totemic Sculptures.

These sculptures were created over a ten year period, each with its own specific frequency and message. They are now offered for “sale” or rather ownership for the next person or organization to now steward the power and ensure the sharing of the messages encoded in the sculpture, that are so needed in our world today; as we must rise above fear, distrust and anger and move into harmony and peace.

Totem Group A

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